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Wind Energy International 2011/2012 - World Wind Energy Association
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World Wind Energy Association:

WWEA - World Wind Energy Association, Bonn, 1. Auflage, 460 Seiten, kartoniert, > DIN A5: 240 x 165 mm
ISBN: 978-3-940683-02-3
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Wind Energy International 2011/2012 - World Wind Energy Association

Zum Buch:

The yearbook includes 76 country reports describing the wind energy situation in almost 100 countries on all continents as well as 32 special reports.

Wind Energy International 2011/2012 is a culmination of reports from experts around the world. It includes updated and complete information on the worldwide status of wind energy. In addition, it also incorporates special reports detailing policies, industrial trends, financing, grid integration, offshore, small scale wind systems, community power, education, training & capacity building.

With the accelerating switch of the worldwide energy system towards more renewable energy, in particular wind power, Wind Energy International 2011/2012 will be even more critical for policy-makers, business people, and parties involved in the energy sector. Best practices from around the world have been carefully analysed and presented in the yearbook. These include successful feed-in tariff, community power, financing developments that support the widespread diffusion of wind energy.

Paul Gipe, author, advocate, and renewable energy industry analyst, reviewed the yearbook and stated: "If you want to know the status of wind energy development worldwide and you only can afford one book, this is the one"

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